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Wepah’s Guide to Throwing an Action Packed Beyblade Party!

Ready, Set, Go – Beyblade is the latest craze, especially when it comes to kids parties!!  For those of us unfamiliar to Beyblade, they are spinning top-toys first released in Japan now available in America.  Kids go wild for these unique and interchangeable spinning tops.  Not to mention, this type of party can turn into […]

Anirays’ Guide to Planning an Outstanding Outdoor Party by Partnering with Wepah!

Outdoor Party Planning Planning an outdoor party offers many organic perks.  The ability to incorporate nature into elements of a party creates an excellent ambiance.  Sunlight, warm breezes, birds chirping, or ocean waves can create a picturesque postcard setting.  Choosing a party date weeks in advance doesn’t guarantee the weather will remain consistently perfect on […]

Anirays’ Guide to Creating a Tasteful In-House Corporate Event by Partnering with Wepah!

In-House Corporate Events – Planning Your Way to Overall Success Have you been charged with the task of planning a special event for your company?  There is an insurmountable amount of pressure when planning these events.  You are tasked with pleasing fellow peers along with your boss and most likely bosses’ boss! Let’s talk about […]

Anirays’ Top Tips and Tools to Throwing a Kid-Friendly “Kid” Party Wepah Style!

Planning a Kid Party – Where Do You Begin?  Tips to a successful and somewhat stress-free party.  We all know planning a kid’s birthday party requires attention and patience. Kid parties never fail to bring hiccups with your children or guests.  Here are a few tips to achieve the optimal kid party experience: 1. Where […]

Anirays’ Top Tips and Tools to Throwing a Tremendous Surprise Party Wepah Style!

Planning a Surprise Party for Someone – Great Idea or Big Mistake?  One of the most exciting parties to plan is the famous, edge of your seat surprise party.  Whether it be a bachelorette, birthday, baby or bridal shower, these types of surprise parties generate excitement for everyone.  The build-up to a surprise party can […]