Elena Cardone’s Surprise Birthday Party at Miami Beach

Girls celebrating a birthday at a dinner party

When we think of Elena Cardone we think of luxury and empowerment for this reason, wepah’s event planners invited some of Elena’s favorite luxury brands to participate in this special day planned for her.

With the help of the Girls on Rolls Club, we were able to wrap a Rolls Royce car with Elena's logo. 

The party planners also coordinated with Andrea Gazmuri from the luxury fashion brand Gucci to setup an artsy stage with a pink backdrop and clear stand for Elena's birthday cake, a gift from her friend Claudienne Hibbert

Danny Jelaca, Jennifer Nicole Lee and The Kennedy Curate also sponsor the delicious bites and her friend Gina Skelton with the rest of the girls paid for the delicious catering prepared for all the guest. 

Rolls Royce Car Miami Beach
Backdrop Setup
Gucci Event at Miami Beach

It all started when our CEO Anirays Camino who is close friends with Elena, wanted to surprise her with a dinner party to celebrate another successful wonderful year of her life. Since Elena was traveling during her birthday Anirays contacted some of her mutual friends and decided to surprise her as soon as she arrived to Miami.

When a few of her friends jumped in, Wepah started the planning process for the full event production, from the invitation to finding the perfect venue and every other detail to make an unforgettable celebration.

The digital invitation design was a customized RSVP link inviting all guests to the cocktail party, black dress-code and the best vibes! All the girls followed instructions perfectly. They were all very excited to see Elena's face when she came for the “dinner”.

Everybody had a great time celebrating Elena and connecting with other friends in a great environment of powerful and successful women.

If you are in Miami and need help planning a special day, contact Wepah to help you coordinate your event.

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