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Eat, Drink, And Be Scary! Wepah’s Guide for the Perfect Halloween Party

Every year, kids and adults alike gather around to celebrate this scary, yet fun holiday. Costumes, candies, and scary decorations are all around.

Decorations are a major part of any party, but much more so when we talk about Halloween. When it comes to this holiday, every corner of the house should be customized, and who better than Wepah Event Planner to guide you through it.

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Adorned front door, garden, and hallways are a must. Skeletons and giant tarantulas are some of the main characters in this theme. Oh, but there’s more! Keep reading to learn how to make a Wepah style Halloween party.

As previously mentioned, the first step is customizing the house. Wepah Event Planner gathered the usual Halloween props and turned them into something else. Spider webbing, balloons, pumpkins, black linens, witch hats, and more…

Wepah took these elements and used them to customize the ceiling and wall adornments. Black balloon arrangements were wrapped in white webbing and hung from the ceilings. Black linens were ripped and paired up with witch hats to also be hung from the roof.

halloween kids games

Then, the team started decorating every wall inside the house. Scary pumpkin monsters popped up in every corner. The garden area of the house was covered in hay and turned into an art station for the kids to play. A big backdrop with a custom wood/cemetery theme decorated the scene. This was all topped with black balloon garlands.

More eerie decorations were set at the bar table. Tequila and mojitos were the main adult beverages. Crystal skull bottles and sip cups complemented the decor. 

A less scary taco truck was parked in the house driveway. With a custom menu and banner, the only thing scary about this was the calories!

halloween drinks
halloween themed

Inside, a deadly poison was cooking in the witch pots: sweets! Eyes were growing out of the cake-pops, an evil hand was crawling into a casserole, and a zombie's head popped out of another one. No worries, this was all part of Wepah’s decoration plan.

halloween candy posion
halloween snack ideas
halloween cake

To finish off, the team designed two cakes in purple and green hues, with bat wings and witch hat cake toppers. As a final touch, custom favor boxes with spiders and bat wings were lined up for the guests to take home.

As you can see, you won’t need a haunted mansion this Halloween, because Wepah will turn your home into one. Contact a Wepah Event Planner to get your Halloween fix today!

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