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Witness Greatness: How ‘Wepah Event Planner’ took over Ocean Drive for its App Launch Party!

The App was created to showcase products and services related to the event industry. Every supplier and product was carefully curated and tested by party planners before approved to go online. This App is truly a one-stop source for organizing your event.

Ideas, planning, and execution

As with every other event, Wepah started by brainstorming the perfect theme for the party. Because this festivity was bigger than usual, more than one theme was selected for the event.

Weekly meetings, months before the event took place to discuss execution, timeline and schedule for deliveries. All details were covered, from bartenders, furniture, models, catering, DJ and photo equipment were coordinated with Wepah planners for the occasion.

As far as the themes, the team decided on 4 different concepts: Wepah Garden, Sunshine Art, Latin Corner, and Sweet Heaven. Each concept aimed to represent a facet of Wepah’s CEO, Anirays Camino. With all this decided, the team then focused on executing the main purpose of the event: creating a photoshoot set for each theme.

Wepah Team - Zoom meeeting
Furniture Planning

Plant Station

The Plant station symbolized positivity, healing, and the beauty of life. The entire set was wrapped in green foliage. The floor and furniture were covered in grass. A flat-screen played images of rainforests and sounds of waterfalls and birds filled the room with a nature vibe.

Wepah Garden - Paula Londono, Morgan Shara, Yulia Faist, James Carvalho, Lauren Coleman, Yelena Vologina, Suzy Buckley _ Anirays Camino

It was the perfect room to serve green juices, and plant-themed bites. Sushi rolls were delicately decorated with watercress pieces. Drinks featured floral details.

Sunshine Art

In this sunny scenario, guests were invited to immerse themselves in a ’60s, Opt Art style room. The set design included customized furniture with a tone-on-tone yellow palette. A state-of-the-art matching yellow backdrop was installed. The floor was customized with a commissioned Op Art piece by Art Living Room and directed by creative Pily Montiel.

Yellow striped mini bags were handmade by wepah crafters and served as bases for stunning Craspedia Billy Buttons flower arrangements to fit the set. On the corner of the room, an interactive piece invited the guests to paint their version of a smiley face on a canvas.

The mind-blowing room was finished with an Art inspired cake by Better Sweet Vegan Bakery. Colorful paint splatters surrounded the piece. White and delicate flower power posies topped the cake along with two bespoke paint brushes. The Sun sure shined in this station.

Lauren Coleman Painting on the Art Event

The Latin Corner

If you’ve ever been to Miami, you know that the city is deeply influenced by Latin culture. With this in mind, Wepah decided to blend the city’s Latin roots with Anirays’ love for domino to create: the Latin Corner.

Taking inspiration from the Latin culture, Wepah brought Peru, Mexico, Venezuela and old Havana vibes to the party. The room was turned into a Latin corner. Domino tables were set up around the room. Big domino props decorated the room and the wall was covered from head to toe

Elena Cardone, Anirays Camino _ Dani Homedes

The fiesta was all around that corner!

Custom black and white furniture filled the patio area. Latin drinks and bites such as guava cheese sticks and tropical drinks, such as custom engraved coconuts were served to guests. A Cigar station was set up where each guest could get a handmade Habano to-go. Afro-Cuban tunes spread throughout the set.

Sweet Heaven

The “Sweet Heaven” set was exactly that: charming and dreamy. A neutral color palette was used for this station. A bathtub full of clear ornaments resembling bubbles was the main piece of the set. An arrangement of balloons by Lili Luz Balloons complemented the scenario.

Custom balloon clouds hung from the ceiling. A white vintage chandelier and delicate sheep sculptures finalized the set. Across the stage, an array of white pastries, cakes, palettes and cake pops laid all over the table. The guests hopped in the tub to have fun and strike a pose with a professional photographer.

Anirays, Max, Dimitri _ Maximilian Camino15

The Party

After this tour, you would think the surprises were over, but they were just getting started. After striking poses, picking up bites and drinking on the set mood, the guests joined the balcony party, where the DJ played all the right tunes.

State-of-the-art screens adorned the terrace. Drones flew over the crowd to capture the scene. Guests danced the night away and project the company logo on the iconic buildings of Miami Beach

Four scenarios, countless photographs,videographers and lots of fun. The end product was a professional studio photograph of every guest. Everyone got immersed in Wepah’s fantasy world. The App was successfully launched. Now, guests could book each set via Wepah Event Planner's App.

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