Dishes and table set up are just a few aspects hosts need to worry about. Because of this, Wepah dedicated a few moments to create a guide that would make this Thanksgiving stress-free for everyone.

Let’s simplify and focus on what’s important: The table

Dinner table

When families get together on Thanksgiving, the main area where they will convene is the dining room. People will gather there to eat, chat and spend most of the evening there. For this reason, instead of spending time decorating other areas of the house, focus on this section.

First, gather decor objects that follow the season’s color palette. Items in hues of orange, beige, pale yellow, and other warm tints. Napkins, placemats, table linens, vases… any adornment with these tones will work.

Take advantage of your trip to the supermarket. A lot of the food you’ll buy to cook your dishes can also serve as decoration. Grab yourself an extra pair of mini pumpkins to decorate the plates of each guest. Use a few tomatoes and rainbow peppers, place them in a bowl and place them on the table.

Most supermarkets also have a flower section and have seasonal flowers. Take a walk down that aisle and select a bouquet that you’ll be able to separate into individual flowers. That way, you can make the most out of it by placing individual flowers on the table.

Flowers on thanksgiving table
Flowers on thanksgiving table

The colors of Thanksgiving are inspired by the season’s natural hues. If you live in a seasonal city, take a walk in a park and grab a few fallen leaves and pinecones. These can be used as a name holder for your guests’ seats, or as scattered decor on top of the table.

Candles also make for a cost-efficient decoration. Not only will it create a cozy atmosphere, but it will also spread its scent to the room. Another idea is taking natural cardstock paper and cutting it into Thanksgiving-inspired shapes, such as leaves or birds. These can also be used to write your guests’ names.

Dinner party

If all of this causes you tension, Wepah recommends you focus on creating a big centerpiece. Gather all your thanksgiving goodies and use flowers to add volume to the piece. This one adornment will be sufficient to accessorize the buffet.

Taking care of the food

As you can see, creating a hassle-free Thanksgiving dinner is possible if you follow Wepah’s recommendations. Create new memories with your friends and family and enjoy the holidays!