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Anirays’ Guide to Creating a Tasteful In-House Corporate Event by Partnering with Wepah!

In-House Corporate Events – Planning Your Way to Overall Success

Have you been charged with the task of planning a special event for your company?  There is an insurmountable amount of pressure when planning these events.  You are tasked with pleasing fellow peers along with your boss and most likely bosses’ boss! Let’s talk about what steps can be taken to ensure a pat on the back.

On-Site Corporate Event Locations:

First obstacle is met.  The venue is already predetermined which could mean a larger headcount since guests don’t have to travel.  If the event is being held at your home base, then you need to make sure the preselected on-site location can accommodate a crowd.   Also, ensure if the headcount is minimal that the space doesn’t feel overwhelming.  Here are a few tips before booking your on-site location:

  • If the headcount changes in size, can the room size be opened or sectioned off?
  • Scan the room for appropriate amenities – (guest check-in, bathroom and elevator proximity).
  • Check for pre-existing options (bars, seating, tables, drapery, A/V system).

Corporate Event Wepah

A/V Systems and Music Options for Your Corporate Event:

What is the purpose of the event – celebration, awards, speeches, company goals?  When determining whether music is necessary, think about the purpose of the event.  If the event is to review company goals, then loud music may not fit the setting.  However, if the event leans more toward a celebration, then upscale music would be ideal.  For example, one of our last corporate Wepah events, featured a DJ partnering with a violist.  It was entertaining for guests, but also matched the mood of the corporate event.

Wepah Corporate Event

Corporate Event Food Choices:

Some companies already have an in-house cafeteria.  However, certain events require a stellar outside caterer.  Wepah is well known for their variety of food options.  Work with one of our planners to select the best menu options that fit within your corporate budget.  Wepah will plan a menu that fits the corporate setting and pay close attention to every detail.  For example, this after work corporate event featured light fair paired with specialty fruit cocktails.  The on-site venue was outside their office, so we selected fare that was satisfying enough for every guest, but also fit the ambiance and predetermined budget. 

Corporate Event Wepah

Always remember to Plan, Shop, and Party Wepah style!

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