The Best Shabby Chic Slumber Party for Scarlett’s Birthday

We all remember those fun, late-night sleepovers we used to have when we were younger. Escaping from mom and dad for a bit, shacking in the house with your best friends, building a camp in the living room.
Slumber Party

When Elena Cardone contacted Wepah to create a surprise slumber party for her daughter Scarlett, the team had the perfect vision: A “girls only” surprise slumber party. For this, Wepah decided to create a feminine yet cozy environment.

To achieve this, the team chose a “Shabby Chic” decor style. Pastel tones of pink, and soft whites composed the color palette. A private and comforting birthday.

The team started organizing an event for the birthday party of her dreams.

birthday party cake

When you think of a sleepover party, you probably imagine kids bringing their sleeping bags, a bag full of necessities, such as blankets and PJs. However, this was a Wepah sleepover, so the team took care of every last detail.

The team set up teepees for the children. Beautiful, all-white tents, decorated with hanging flowers and string lights. Inside each one: a mattress with a blanket, shabby chic style pillows, and a tray with goodies for each girl. And, in case of nightmares, each teepee was topped with its dream catcher.

Party decor
Party decor

The party was filled with wonderful activities like the Spa section. A table was set up with all the facial goodies! Face masks, fluffy headbands, and vanity mirrors for each girl. The spa also included manicures, hair, and makeup (even though the girls decided to jump in the pool).

The dessert area included: personalized cookies, tea sets, and macaroons. Custom craft boxes and party favors designed by Wepah’s crafters added to the rustic appeal. This section radiated an abundance of floral prints and natural textures.

Tea Table

The cake, pink, white, and blue, gave the finishing touch to the dessert’s area. A two-tier piece, beautifully crafted with roses and pink stripes. Flower-shaped sweets with teapot toppers finished the design. A dessert table worthy of a princess.

Birthday Cake

The Wepah team created a delightfully feminine atmosphere for this event. A fresh and cozy slumber party that turned Miami Beach into the French countryside. This will surely be a day for Scarlett and her friends to remember forever.

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