Kids Birthday Party

Take a look inside Amazing Barbara’s kids’ birthday party by Wepah

The family asked them to create a party full of fun activities and vibrant decorations. They wanted an event for their children to remember, and boy did Wepah deliver. The Wepah team of coordinators went above and beyond to make Barbara’s dream party come true. 


First, Wepah chose a theme that would align with the client’s wishes. Then, the wepah designers created a proposal with all the details needed to make this party a reality. Lastly, Wepah took over coordination of the whole event, making sure every last detail was taken care of for the big day. 


Let’s take a look at all the steps taken by Wepah to bring this birthday party to life!

The Party Theme

flamingo cakepop
Main Sweet Table Decoration
Tropical Birthday theme Palet

As everyone knows, the essence of every birthday party is its theme. Knowing this, Wepah put its creativity to work and developed different ideas to satisfy Barbara’s wishes. 

The team started by talking about her likes, expectations, and her children's favorite colors. After understanding what she wished for the party, Wepah was able to pick the perfect topic for her. 

Inspired by Miami’s foliage and the summer season, the selected theme was “Tropical”. Bright colors and summery shades formed the color palette. Palm leaves, pineapples, and flamingos would be protagonists at the party. 

After defining the motif, it was now time to create a proposal that showcased all the elements needed to create this amazing concept.

The Event Proposal

Wepah treats every event as an opportunity to exhibit their creativity, which is why the proposal is a major component of the party planning process. Here, the client can visualize decoration, set ups, and every other detail needed to make the party special.

In this presentation, Wepah developed a design guide that showcased a timeline of the event, visuals of the decoration, color palette, the venue, suggested props and catering information. Imagery of the food and drink stations, staff uniform and party favors were presented to Barbara via this proposal. 

tropical event proposal
event planner

To make this moment even more special, Wepah took it to the next level by organizing a photoshoot for the client and her children. A creative director, studio photographer and set design were all part of the equation. With this, Wepah created a pattern that was used to customize the family’s outfits and the decor, made by Mandy by Gema

After Amazing Barbara approved the proposal, the event coordinators organized a “tropical photoshoot” with Barbara, her daughter and son at the Wepah Studio located in Miami Design District… and that's how the party stareted.

The Party!

event party designer

Wepah brought in the best of the best to personalize every section of the party. More than 20 different party vendors were involved, and the best part is that the parents didn’t get involved or worried about anything at all.

A day before the party, The event started getting organized by taking out everything to set up the venue. From that moment, the team took care of the logistics of all the vendors that would be bringing deliveries and setting up their spaces according to the floor plan prepared by the planners.

Proveedores de fiestas infantiles

Catering, staff, entertainment, and decor were ready on time to get the party started. An hour before the event, Wepah had everything ready for Click Your Moments and Marval Videos, to do the videography and capture this moment forever. This was planned accordingly in order to have the space and time before the guests arrived.

Furniture and gorgeous cutout palm trees by MCG Event Production which was the main wepah's partner for the organization of this event. Tropical-themed crafts by Moritas Creations complemented the decoration of the main sweet table. Fabulous balloons by Lililuz Fruits & Balloons and beautiful flowers by Mirla Design Floral Design filled the room with joy.

cajitas personalizadas
Kids parties decoration

Custom sushi menu by Sashiro and tropical drinks by Coctel Batutita were present at the party. Personalized tropical-themed cake pops, pineapple-themed donuts, and two incredible birthday cakes by Andreita's Cakes filled the party with a Tropical vibe. More sweets, cookies, cakepops, tropical cake palets from Dolce Bite by Maru complimented the main table set and party decor.

Food station by from Kids Miami Partys served hot dogs, shaved ice cream, and popcorn to all the guests, and Italo Vale Decoraciones put the last touch with a stunning tropical-themed food table.

pineapple cake palets
Miami sushi catering
kids Art activities

Once the party started, the entertainment arrived as well. Amazing tunes were played by Mega Animation, because what’s a party without a DJ? A painting station by Tu Estación de Arte brought out the artist inside every kid. Fun had started and it wasn’t going to stop.


Before everyone knew it, some surprise guests had arrived: Baby Sharks! The characters walked into the tune of their famous song and made everyone stand up and dance. Good energy and children’s laughter were all that you could hear. By the end of the event, everyone grabbed their party favors from Shamaz Print and headed home with a big smile on their face.

bolsos personalizados para cumpleaños de niños
Kids birthday cake

Scroll down to view more photos of the event!

All the elements for a fun kid’s birthday party were present. Not one detail was left behind. Everything was one of a kind. It will surely be a day for the children to remember. You can also make this party happen for your kids with Wepah Event Planner.


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