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Emery´s Party
On day one, the event planners had a meeting to discuss the idea for the party. The venue, possible layouts, and color palette were all topics of interest. Among the client’s requests, there was one that got the team’s attention. Emery expressed that she “wanted to be Daphne”. It was at this moment that the team decided to redefine the theme to “Emery-Doo”, commissioning a Scooby-Doo style cartoon of the birthday girl.

Cake design, desired color tones, balloons, and decor was being carefully defined. Since the client wanted full customization of the venue, every corner of the space was measured and inspected. Numerous site visits were scheduled to gather relevant information. With this, a floor plan for each area was designed for the client.

Emery Doo

After receiving approval of the design, Wepah created a final proposal with all the details needed to make this party a reality. Mockups of the entrance, hallways, and patio area were created. The next step was the vendor selection process. Every supplier and product was carefully curated and tested by the team before being approved.

Cake design, balloon providers, entertainment, logistics, and timeline are just some of the details the Wepah team was taking care of. In-person vendor visits to confirm color tones and product quality took place

Mini craft boxes handmade by Wepah’s crafters added a final touch to the room.

Mini craft boxes

The balloons represented the biggest decoration item. Hundreds of them were inflated three days prior to the event, to be able to decorate the selected areas of the venue. The balloons were designed to follow Scooby’s base colors. On the day of the party by 11 a.m., the setup had started.

The team organized vendor logistics and supervised that everything was being done according to the floor plan. Flower arrangements with an eerie but feminine feel were placed on top of tables, bar, and other areas of the party. A custom Scooby-Doo pattern with a 70’s feel was designed to create a unique Scooby-Doo Backdrop.

Balloons decorations
Balloons decorations
Balloons decorations

Custom Scooby-themed furniture filled the patio area. Bites such as chicken fingers, fish, and burgers were passed around for guests to enjoy. For the Mexican food lovers, a taco stand was in place and a salad station was also available. On the other hand, an array of Scooby-Doo-themed pastries, cakes, palettes, and cake pops were displayed on the sweets table.

As the guests started to arrive, so did the Scooby-Doo crew. That’s right! Shaggy, Velma, Fred, Daphne and Scooby were all in attendance. Of course, the crew could not be complete without the Mystery Machine. The famous van had an internal photo booth for guests to enjoy.

The mystery machine
The mystery machine

Entertainment did not stop here. A Scooby-Doo bouncy house, face painting, and braid station were there for the children to enjoy. Of course, an Emery-doo piñata was in place. The kids enjoyed all the activities, while a laser projected “Emery-Doo” on a golf course hill when the sun started to set. A foam show was also scheduled, along with custom Emery-Doo towels for the kids to dry up.

The alfresco area featured tables set up with custom floral centerpieces. Elegant ghost chairs served as seats while guests enjoyed the moment with a soothing view of the golf course. The movie theater was stationed close by, where the kids sat on daisy-shaped poufs while watching, you guessed it: The Scooby-Doo Film!

movie theater
Inflatable bouncing
painting station

Amazing tunes were played at the animated dance floor, because what’s a party without a good dance-off? A painting station with a Scooby-Doo theme canvas brought out the artist inside every kid. Fun had started and it wasn’t going to stop.

After hitting the dance floor, it was time to sing happy birthday. The state-of-the-art cake was positioned in the center of the dance floor, and everyone gathered around Emery to watch her blow out the candles of her fantastic 6th birthday.

the party

By the end of the event, children grabbed their Scooby party favors alongside a custom Emery-Doo T-shirt. Funky sunglasses and peace sign necklaces were some of the fabulous goodies. There’s no doubt every kid headed home with a big smile.

customized Scooby party

After weeks of planning and lots of work, the party had come to an end. The Wepah team of coordinators went above and beyond to make this party a reality. The team brought to life the world of Scooby-Doo, creating a fantasy-adventure playground for Emery and her friends.

The end product was a fully customized Scooby, or should we say “Emery-Doo” birthday party. This was surely a party like no other.

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