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Anirays’ Top Tips and Tools to Throwing a Tremendous Surprise Party Wepah Style!

Planning a Surprise Party for Someone – Great Idea or Big Mistake? 

One of the most exciting parties to plan is the famous, edge of your seat surprise party.  Whether it be a bachelorette, birthday, baby or bridal shower, these types of surprise parties generate excitement for everyone.  The build-up to a surprise party can be as thrilling as roller coaster ride, but as nerve racking as trip to the dentist.  To be successful, we recommend a few tips: 

Surprise Party Recipient:

  1. Does the person enjoy surprises and likes to be the center of attention (on occasion)?
  2. Does the person travel frequently or on short notice?
  3. Can a family member, spouse or close friend keep tabs on the person’s schedule?
  4. Does the person have young children and would require a babysitter the day of the party?
  5. Is the person a social media snooper and can search for online chatter about the party?
  6. Do you (the person planning the event) have the time, resources and patience to plan this party?
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Surprise Party Decision:

If you are on the fence or answered NO to several of these surprise party knock-out questions, then consider telling the person about the party date and time.  Let the person know you want to plan a party for their special occasion.

Surprise Party Next Steps:

Incorporate surprise elements into the party instead of making the entire party a surprise.  For example, surprise the person with a special cake design or unique favor box.  Create a surprise photo album to display or play list for their special day.  This type of gesture can be equally as special for a person who is not the surprise party type or is too hard to pin down because of their schedule.

Always remember to Plan, Shop, and Party Wepah style!

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