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About the
Chakras Garden

Art has the ability to speak to us on many different levels. Its can touch our emotions, challenge our intellect and connect us to new experiences. The Chakra's Garden Exhibition is an immersive art experiences that takes this concept one step further. This exhibit combines all of the senses, from tasting to sound and visual stimulations, every thing is combined in one piece on spirituallity enriching creation. The colors and vibes of the chakras are brought to life in this exhibit, creating a garden of high vibration Art.

About the Artists

We are all women from different parts of the world, but we all have one thing in common: Love for Nature. We see the Earth as our mother, providing for us and holding us close.

We're passionate about plants, flowers, and earth. We see the art in a flower, the way its petals curl and reach for the sun. When we connect with nature, we connect with our highest selves. We are love, and love is the most powerful force in the universe.

In nature, we see the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth. And we are humbled by the fact that we are just a small part of something much larger. By connecting with each other through this art piece & nature, we connect with the divine feminine energy that flows through all of us. We feel alive, and connected to all life.

Meet the seven Artists

Rufina Magafurova

Rufina Magafurova

Radiating boss energy within every aspect of life, Rufina Magafurova is a Russian Asian artist who has her unique vision in 3D art. Rufina was born in Russia. She has been living in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) for 10 years now. Rufina creates giant flowers, art installations and 3D art projects on canvas.

Rufina Magafurova’s artistic inspirations are as big as her larger-than-life flower installations. She created the sunflowers for the touring ‘Beyond Van Gogh: An Immersive Experience' and decorated the grand opening of the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood.

She has also created the flowers for Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week for the last three years and the recent Royal Garden show on Jungle Island. In 2021 the artist created flowers for singer LIZZO’s extravagant stage performance at Art Basel Miami. The show’s producers liked her work so much that they even flew her to Las Vegas to recreate the same designs for LIZZO’s New Year’s performance. “It was the best feeling ever,” Magafurova recalls.

Camini Isdope

Camimi Palomeque

Miami based Visual Artist and Yoga teacher, Camimi Palomeque, found a unique way to merge her many passions into her work.

Miami based Visual Artist and Yoga teacher, Camimi Palomeque, found a unique way to merge her many passions into her work.

Honoring her country of origin, Camimi’s work reveals her love for the fauna and flora of Ecuador. Her evolution as an artist delves into the realms of spirituality,transcending the real and the Ephemeral.

Living in the Triguna Ashram in Rishikesh, India, she experienced a pivotal point in her life as she understood that her calling is to relay messages and chanel healing energy into her paintings.

Aside from Painting, Camimi curates healing experiences that promote self expression and spirituality through embodiment, her passion project “The Conscious Banger” is a monthly tribute to the merging of both worlds.

You can find her work @camimi_isdope

Lola Sanchez

Lola Sanchez

Lola Sanchez (b. 1988, Madrid, Spain) is an American pop artist and the creative director of renowned millennial lifestyle brand OliverGal.com

Sánchez grew up in Madrid, Spain. In 2011, she studied Luxury Management & Business at LUISS Business school in Rome, Italy. She is currently studying a Master in Design Thinking at MIT Sloan and a BFA program in interior architecture and design at The Academic of Art in San Francisco. Pursuant to all these efforts, her artistic development has continued and flourished into collaborations with brands and individuals such as Tag Heuer, Zgallerie, Diane VonFurstenberg, West Elm, Carson Kressley, Wendy Williams, Ashton Kutcher, The Property Brothers, HGTV Dream Home, among others.

Her work has been featured in Forbes, Vogue, Architectural Digest, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Ocean Drive, and Brickell Magazine. Sanchez, through Oliver Gal sells one piece of art every 3 seconds. Her youth in France and Spain inspires her bold and colorful pop-art, while her upbringing in Madrid, Rome, and Miami continues influencing her style. Her art features bold colors, abstracts, florals, and fashion icons.

Sanchez currently resides in Miami, FL and has just released her first NFT collection.

Anirays Camino

Anirays Camino

Anirays Camino (b. 1981) graduated in 2004 as a CPA in Venezuela (native country), then started working in finance doing currency exchange at a brokerage house until she got married in 2009 and decided to start developing her creative side. After her first baby was born she decided to start a Master in Visual Arts at Miami University of Art & Design.

During Art Exhibitions for Art Basel and many other Art fairs, she got involved with some national and local charities and started hosting more and more events, until she decided to start An Incubator with her brothers, which allowed each one of them to develop an APP, focusing hers on Events, realizing it was the key to host as many events as she needed to, with only one APP to use.

In order to be able to supervise and follow up with the team and projects, she decided to study Programming at 4 Geeks in Miami, and then Digital Marketing in Harvard, Boston. After learning the basics to have an ideal startup, she turned her APP into a Party Planner Service Company called Wepah, now leading as the fastest growing event planning company in the South of Florida, producing big events from the corporate world, music industry, and personal celebrations, creating experiences that'll last a lifetime!

Renata Dillon

Renata Dillon is a photographer born in Brazil and currently based in Fort Lauderdale. With exhibitions in the US, Brazil, and Portugal

She works in series, which reflect both influences from her education in advertising and in visual arts. She has a Master in Fine Arts from Miami International University of Art and Design. Prior to this, spent four years as movie unit still photographer and five as a fashion photographer.

Vivi Colmenares

Vivi Colmenares

Architect, entrepreneur and visual artist who has been connecting with flowers in the recent years as a channel of expression.

She mixes her knowledge about dimensions, details, colors with the perfectly imperfect shapes of the nature.

She defines her work as a constant path of exploration which help her to grow and at the same time helps others to find the connection between their emotions and the beauty of the details.

Carola Orieta-Sperman

Artist Carola Orieta-Sperman “C.O.S” was born in Argentina. She studied architecture at Belgrano University in Buenos Aires and graduated both in Interior and Fashion Designer at the Buenos Aires University (UBA).

In 2000 she moved to Miami where she pursued her art education and developed her artistic trajectory and work. She studied abstract art with Pablo Contrisciani and Raul Perdomo at the Oolite Arts in Miami’s Art Center South Florida, and drawing, painting and sculpture with Antonio Coria.

She has developed a solid conceptual approach to contemporary sculptures and into editioned bidimensional art works. 2D work in which interweaving forms dominate in an infinite entwining and crisscrossing pattern structures; flowing melded, fluxed, models that coalesced one another in ceaseless movements. Her sculptures are made from laser cut acrylic molded out in heat with thermic gloves, the artist have only afew seconds to shape and model the material before it cools down and returns to its original rigid state.

Art Basel(Art Miami and Context)
Venice Biennale 2022

Creative Collaborators

Leticia Fernandez De Mesa

Leticia Fernandez De Mesa

Fernández de Mesa, a Spanish native and an art world insider, has lived and worked in Spain, the U.S., and in Colombia. Following a successful art market career in Madrid and New York, Fernández de Mesa moved to Bogotá, Colombia, where she founded a successful art auction house.

UNA Vodka founder Leticia Fernández de Mesa launched UNA as a way to elevate the vodka space with “the liquid shape of beauty.” Everything from UNA’s packaging to its lush aromas to the natural blush tones is meant to inspire enchantment, romance and pleasure.

It was in Bogotá that Fernández de Mesa fell in love with the begonias that adorn the city’s streets, parks and gardens. Traveling across South America, she was captivated and inspired by the allure of edible flowers. The begonia is unrivaled for its striking colors and edible properties.

The love affair with the begonia took root in South America, but it blossomed into a business idea after Fernández de Mesa and her family moved to Miami. “UNA is about spreading love and beauty from Miami to the world,” UNA CEO Leticia Fernández de Mesa says. “Only vodka is pure enough to capture the essence of flowers. With UNA, you will fall in love at first sip.”

Tara Benmeleh

Tara Benmeleh

Tara Benmeleh AKA “Mama T” is director and head-designer for the Miami based lifestyle brand espiritútara as well as an intuitive lightworker.

Using information from nearly 20 years of a spiritual practice, guided by intuition, motherhood and an understanding of the material world, “Mama T” has found a way to bridge the material world to the spiritual world by using various creative and ceremonial techniques.

She is able to incorporate modern life with ancient practices. The brand also functions as a creative hub for experimentation, supporting talent through collaborations and special programming such as sound healing and tea ceremony as well as intuitive collage and beading as prayer. Mama T is currently obsessed with tea and is devoted to serving it ceremonially.

Katherine Betancourt

Katherine Betancourt

Miami based, prop stylist Katherine Betancourt is currently the Director and creator at In House Crew Event Production.

Making her passion her work, spends her days creating props, accesories, costume design, show and festival outfits.

Tania Cuevas

Tania Cuevas

Originally from Mexico City, where she studied Restaurant Management at CESSA and L’Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and later on a specialization in Gastronomy for Health and Wellbeing, as a result of which she became the Private Chef of the Mexican Minister of Health for 3 years.

She then completed her culinary training at L’Ecole Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and continued her professional career in the kitchens of the prestigious Ritz Hotel, Paris and Fouquet’s Champs Elysées.

In 2020, in order to promote Mexican cuisine in France, which is a world heritage recognized by UNESCO, she created her Catering and Private Chef business in Paris, achieving only one year after the recognition of the Gault et Millau Guide, one of the most prestigious culinary guides in France.

She has worked with some of the following clients:

Veja, Cala, In Fine Gourmet, Luxaviation, La financière de L’Echiquier, The US Embassy in France, Tony Fadell, Randy Kerber and Salma Hayek.

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