The Services We Provide

You can't throw an event without a table of sweets. A crowd favorite is always needed, even if it is just a dozen of soft chocolate chip cookies! Complete your event with our extensive list of delicious and fully customizable desserts. Our bakers will make sure to cater to your every need including the flavor, color, size, shape, and any other request you may have. We have sweets ready for all types of events. From cute cake pops to a three tiered showtopping cake, you can never go wrong with desserts and a trusted team of experienced bakers.

What better way to thank your guest for attending your event than a small gift. Guarantee your guest will leave with a smile, when a thoughtful gesture is given to commemorate a special day. A party favor is not only a material item, but an everlasting memory that will always remind them of you! We have a variety of options to choose from such as a box of his/her favorite things, a personalized candle, or one-of-a-kind personalized art installation. There’s no limit to our creativity, so let us help design your next party favor with meaning and attention to detail. 

You should never miss a magical moment. Sometimes not every moment can be seen or heard, but having someone capture every detail makes a difference. At Wepah, we offer digital photo and video packages or take it old school with one of our high quality photo books. Our in-house production team with high-tech equipment is dedicated to capturing the most captivating content that will last you a lifetime. Relive your special moment, don’t let your next event be forgotten.

Enhance your experience along with your guests with a professional team eager to serve you. Our staff of licensed servers and bartenders are trained to create a memorable experience with their attention to detail and knowledge on the art of hospitality. Additionally, we offer other services such as promotional models, valet parking, and security. With a top presentation and polished interpersonal skills, our highly trained staff will adapt and succeed in every situation.

Let us create the first step to wowing your guest and making them feel special. Not only are they a good way to inform and organize your guest list in order to plan for the day of the event, but more importantly they set the stage for  what's to come. We design and personalize each digital or paper invitation to match the overall essence of the event and create excitement for the big day! From traditional handmade cardstock invitations to glow-in-the-dark acrylic boxes, the possibilities are endless. Visit our catalog and order your FREE digital invitation for your next event.

Let our unique floral arrangements transform your event. With our team of experts, we can create endless types of floral arrangements that elevate and add value to your event. We offer a wide range of different floral options, from products, colors, and sizes. We also offer different vase decor to fit your product. With your specific needs and our freshest products, these floral arrangements will allow your event to feel at its top.

From a corporate event, birthday party to an intimate casual gathering, our chefs will work closely with you to ensure it's to your liking. We offer a range of cuisines, food stations, savory and sweet bites, as well as platters for all events. Our private chef catering services are also available in the Miami Area including our favorite, the Omakase Experience. Our extensive selection allows us to curate a menu to impress your guests and match your palette.

A venue is one of the most vital decisions in planning your event. We have created close relationships and strong connections from years of experience with a variety of venues in the Miami area. From experience, we propose and recommend the right venue keeping in mind the budget, the number of guests, and the date of the event. Other than that, there is no limit on the type of event a venue can be used for. Our venues are equipped and prepared to elevate your experience and overall quality for your and your guests.

Enrich your event with our extensive list of rentals. Don’t spend the time & money in purchasing your party accessories. Wepah’s trusted vendors can provide top prices for your rental needs. We offer lounge furniture, bars, tables, chairs, dance floors, staging, photo booths, flatware & glassware, bouncy houses, and other accessories. We facilitate the process from the set up to the breakdown, so you can enjoy your event.

An event coordinator is there to facilitate each task before, during, and after your event making sure everything runs smoothly. Beginning with the planning process, we make sure to curate a proposal listing all the event’s needs meeting your budget. During the event, we take care of setting up and receiving any deliveries relieving you and your guests of any stress. Our team of highly adaptable problem solvers will be quick to resolve any issues that might arise. Finally, we take care of the breakdown process so you can sit back & relax giving you the best experience possible.

For ages, balloons have always had the power to create a spirit of celebration and happiness. What a better way to express appreciation, boost morale and spread joy, than with a room filled with balloons. Though organic arches, columns, and garlands have always been our best sellers, we offer other balloon services including organic photo backdrops and personalized jumbo balloons. No matter the age or theme, balloons will always elicit a smile.

With Wepah, there will never be a dull moment. Whether it's for a birthday, private event, or corporate gathering, entertainment is the best way to bring your guests together and bond. Get a pirate for your kid's birthday or a magician for your work Christmas party, the options are endless. Other services include live bands, a DJ, characters, game show hosts, dancers, face painters, clowns, and more. Our team of different entertainers allows you to easily find one that fits your needs best and create an unforgettable experience.