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Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

To create an event, it is helpful if you have a date range in mind in order to get more accurate quotes from our Wepah suppliers. The most ideal situation is to define a date to get the process started and confirmed. Therefore, we can establish definite availability of the products and venues (if needed)

Events that have been deleted cannot be recovered. Once you’ve submitted your event request, your order will stay in file until it is completed.

Once an event has been paid for, it is no longer possible to cancel the event on our website. You will need to contact our customer service by email: [email protected] to review the cancellation and refund options available to you.

When you are shopping on our catalog, there is a comments section allowing you to add any personalized specifics wanted on the product. Another option is to choose the “Other” product on our website to add a specific request. Otherwise, once you’ve completed the order your assigned Wepah event coordinator will reach out to you with a free quote. They will be able to fulfill any other request and answer any questions you may have.

An event planner helps you stay organized and facilitates your event planning experience. We help keep you within your budget negotiating with our vendors to get you the best prices possible.

This, of course, depends on the event you are planning, but we advise a month prior to the event. This allows us to give our vendors time to properly work on your event, as well as securing venues and products.